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Midsummer Morris
Every two years since 1977 Spring Grove Morris Men invite guest sides to dance with them in the week of midsummer's day.  To find out more click The Midsummer Morris.  In 2017 to celebrate our 40th we will instead hold a Day of Dancing in Richmond, Twickenham and Kingston on May 13th.  The next Midsummer Morris will be held on Thursday 21th June 2019, the 107th anniversary of the revival of Morris Dancing in Kingston.
“They walked a little further.
"What was that dance your Jason and his men did when they’d got drunk?" said Granny.
"It’s the Lancre Stick and Bucket Dance, Esme."
"It’s legal, is it?"
"Technically they shouldn’t do it when there’s women present," said Nanny. "Otherwise it’s sexual morrisment."”
—  Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies.


Spring Grove Morris Programme