Squires of the Spring Grove Morris Men

Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.
 - Douglas Bader  
Morris Ring Staff of Membership
Spring Grove's Staff of Membership of the Morris Ring, presented in 1984 to Alan Vaughan by Barry Care MBE of Moulton Morris Men when Spring Grove danced in at the Thaxted Meeting of the Morris Ring
The constitution is quite clear. A squire is elected for two years, after which point he must stand down and may not be re-elected as squire again until a different squire has served.  It doesn't take very long to see that this invarying and simple rule is hard to follow in practice.  Doug Gray left for the antipodes, Alan Vaughan for other reasons, and Robin Aitken looked after the shop during a very quiet time in our history.
1977 - Gus Guscott
1981 - Doug Gray
1982 - Alan Vaughan
1985 - Colin Sawyer
1987 - Jim Illingworth
1989 - Steve Nash
1991 - Alan Vaughan
1992 - David Seager
1995 - Alan Bull
1996 - Gus Guscott
1998 - Robert Muller
2000 - Eric Simpson
2002 - Robin Aitken
2006 - Ian Kirkpatrick
2008 - Robert Muller
2010 - Steve Nash
2012 - Colin Messer
2014 - Ben Izard (died Jan 2015 [Obituary])
2015 - John Curwood (assumed Jan 2015)
2015 - Colin Messer
2016 - Steve Nash