Notes on Members who have made their final "All Up!"

Eric Simpson - Died Feb 2018
Member 1986 - 2004
Eric emigrated to Australia in 2004 with Joyce having joined Spring Grove in 1986.  He served as Bagman 1988-1992 and as Squire 2001-2002.  2004 wasn't the last time we saw Eric as he and Joyce returned every three years and he danced with us in 2007 and 2010.  He died after a short battle with cancer.

Dave Watmore - Died 2016
Member 1992 - 1999
Dave danced for 8 eight years, and danced in with a Shepherds' Hey double jig along side Robert Muller at Polesden Lacy.  He served us well as Bagman for all his years with us.

Costas Manolias - Died July 2015
Member 1997 - 2002
Costas joined Spring Grove in 1997 and was joined by his wife Mary who joined our associated side Off-Spring Morris.  He danced until 2002 when Mary stopped due to arthritis following an ankle injury, and Costas chose to stop around the same time.

Costas was a  fine exponent of Greek traditional dancing which is always danced leading to the right.  Consequently, Costas introduced to the morris side on more than one occasion his own very special interpretation of clockwise rounds.

While Costas danced with Spring Grove, and most years after that up to 2013, he invited us to dance at the Greek Choros Group’s Christmas party.  A significant challenge for us Morris dancers, but great fun.  He and Mary also kept in touch with the side and occasionally turned up in the audience to give us support at various events.
It was a pleasure to have Costas in the side and he will be sadly missed.

Ben Izard - Died January 2015
Member 2008 - 2015
Joined in 2008 and rose though the ranks to become our Squire in Oct 2014 and died in office in Jan 2015 his obituary is here [Ben's Obit].  Indefatigable good humour, tireless energy and provider of the best Morris sticks.

Francis Carter - Died May 2014
Member 1986 - 1995
Joined in 1986 with a previous knowledge of Morris and introduced Headington.  He danced for 10 years before retiring to social dance and particularly American Contra dances that he both wrote and called.

Maurice Speak - Died 1990
Member 1986 - 1987
Joined in 1986 and danced for a few years until his time was needed to look after his young family.  He had danced rapper and sword with a side in the North-East, and taught a sword dance with wooden swords, perhaps Flamborough. He died of liver cancer a few years after leaving us.