A remarkable 84 men (and women, as we have welcomed women musicians since 2008) have danced and played a total of 694 years with the Spring Grove Morris Men, led by their Squires, and inspired by their Life President.
Life President
    Richard 'Gus' Guscott
who was also a founder member, the first musician, the first Squire and the first Foreman.
Here is a page honouring the 15 men who have served as Squire. It's no mean feat guiding an inherently anarchic group of malcontents to greatness. Gentlemen, we salute you.
Here is the list of who they were and when they danced and played.  There is a downloadable excel spreadsheet of the chart at the bottom of the members page that is updated annually.
Members No Longer With Us 
It's always sad to hear of past members that have danced and played with us, and who have made that final "All Up!".

Eric Simpson - Feb 2018 - danced 1986 - 2004 [Past Notes]
Dave Watmore - 2016 - danced 1992 - 1999 [Past Notes]
Costas Manolias - July 2015 - danced 1997 to 2002 [Past Notes]
Ben Izard - Jan 2015 - danced 2008 - 2015 - [Obituary]
Frances Carter - May 2014 - danced 1986 - 1995 [Past Notes]
Maurice Speak - 1986 - danced 1986 [Past Notes]