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Log Book 2018

Log Book for 2018

What actually happened, before time takes its toll and surrounds everything with a rosy glow


Open Evenings all the way through October, Mondays 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th

Oooooh new people, Fun![Ed.]

Thames Ditton Christmas Market, Sunday 3rd December

[awaiting report]

Christmas Dinner, Merits, Richmond, Tuesday 12th December

We ate drunk and made merry.  Ania was presented with her prize for being voted Morris Person of the Year from the previous year, only a year late but better late than never.[Ed.]

Christmas Ale, The Spring Grove, Kingston, Monday 18th December

[awaiting report]

12th-ish Night, The Willoughby Arms, Kingston, Thursday 4th January

[awaiting report]

Seven Saxons I, St John's Church, Spring Grove, Saturday 13th January

An eager crew got to grips with that devilish dance, The Seven Saxons, with its 4-way rotational symmetry.  Steve's verdict was "A fair reconstruction". [Ed.]

Seven Saxons II, St John's Church, Spring Grove, Saturday 3rd March

Another batch got to grips with The Seven Saxons. [Ed.]

Kempton Steam Museum, Sunday 18th March

Thanks to all who braved the chill wind to turn out at the Kempton Steam Museum. There was a better than expected turn out which allowed a wide ranging set list of dances  including a first outing of Bledington Young Collins.  We were all a bit rusty and my calling was not at its best but we did but on a show that was greeted enthusiastically by the small but perfectly formed audience. The acoustics in the hall are poor with the sound disappearing into the multi-story height of the building.


Seekers' Club, New Malden, Monday 9th April

[awaiting report]

Thames Valley Morris Men's Ale, Western Green, Saturday 14th April

We joined TVMM, Ewell St Mary's MM and Rampant Rooster M and Yateley MM in a most congenial evening of dance and music.  There was lots of opportunity to join in mass dances and to show off individual side dances, some newly introduced after winter practice.  We danced out Blue Eyed Stranger - Bledington for the first time in a most energetic and satisfyingly competent fashion. Our hosts provided good beer and excellent food which included a tasty trout starter, a choice of curries, scummy cheeses and a rather superior fruit cake. Alan Mead sang a poignant version of Over The Hills amongst other musical offerings. Special guest  Prince Philip (fresh from his recent hospital visit) introduced and played music for a side of Donald Trumps who danced an Adderburry stick dance with some aplomb.  All in all, everyone enjoyed a most pleasant informal gathering.

Saint George's Day, George & Dragon, Thames Ditton, Monday 23rd April

[future event]

Surbiton Brownies, Thursday 26th April

[future event]