Archive entry for 1980

What actually happened, before time takes its toll and surrounds everything with a rosie glow

The men attended the Thames Valley day of dance in April and toured with the rapper dancers [Fighting Cocks Rapper - ed].  The usual summer programme of fetes was danced though with less enthusiasm than previous years.  One exception was a fair in Richmond which was well enjoyed.  Following Paul Evans move to Ellington Morris we danced with them at Runnymede on the first Wednesday in June and this was made an annual event.  A second Yateley day of dance was undertaken in September and on this occasion Spring Grove was able to join in most of the massed dances.  In November sparklers were instead of handkerchiefs were used for a charity firework display performance of Adderbury Black Joke.

Role of Honour 1980


Colin Sawyer
Alan Vaughan
Tim Hignell
Paul Leyland
Norman Bayliss


Ed Poulson
Stewart Marshall
George Ling

New Dances


29th May, Bean Setting



Richard Guscott
Stephen Nash (replaced by Jim Tiernan)
Martin Winmill
Francis Carter, Doug Gray and Alan Vaughan (from Datchett MM)