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What actually happened, before time takes its toll and surrounds everything with a rosie glow


The Earliest Picture - February 1978


From left to right:

Stewart Marshall, Richard Crams, Gus,

Peter Mason, Stephen Nash, Paul Evans,

Tony Crowthor and Martin Winmill

In January Martin Winmill joined the side followed in the Spring by Robin Aitken and together with the other six these men formed the nucleus of the first Spring Grove side.  Two performances in February were followed by a busy summer.  On most Saturdays between May and July the men danced at various fetes in the Borough.  There were also a series of commercial bookings at a pub in the City where the men danced for American tourists culminating in an Autumn appearance at the Café Royal.

June 1978 Bedelsford School, Kingston

1978-06 Bedelsford School - Brighton Camp        1978-06 Bedelsford School - Abraham Brown
            Brighton Camp                            Abraham Brown

Day of Dance

The highlight of the year was the first day of dance where eight men danced for a street party, four pubs at lunchtime, two pedestrian shopping spots, and three pubs in the evening.  At each spot five dances were performed with each man averaging around 37 dances for the day!

The first morris step dances were learnt in 1978 in the Ducklington tradition.  At the first annual meeting in October, Gus was elected Squire and Stephen Nash as Bagman both for two year periods.



Martin Winmill
Robin Aitken
Clive Sweet
David Ellis
Frank Brown
Vince McDermot
Ed Poulson
Cary Hendy (Fiddle player)
George Ling


Richard Craggs (moved to Singapore)

New Dances




Old Taylor, Saturday Night, Black Joe, Brighton Camp

Beaux of London City

Shepherds Hey, Constant Billy, Abraham Brown, Young CollinsStep and Fetch Her,

Bobbing Around, Bonnie Green Garters, Rose Tree, Highland Mary


Richard Guscott
Stephen Nash