36th Annual General Meeting
of the
Spring Grove Morris Men
and Kingston Morris

Monday 30th September 2013
St John’s Church, Kingston upon Thames 

In attendance were :  Sue Benson, John Curwood, Ben Izard, Ian Kirkpatrick, Colin Messer, Gerry McCann, Phil Mundy, Steve Nash, Lesley Ralph, David Seager, Laurie South, Glenis Ward, Sara Ward .

The meeting was chaired by Sue Benson. 

1.    Apologies for absence
Were received from  Robert Muller, David Kenzie, Chris Lomzik and Anna Sanders. 

2.    Items for consideration in Any Other Business
Fleece,  Professional printing, Videos, Song. 

3.    Minutes of the last SGMM/KM AGM
Were approved and signed by Sue Benson and Colin Messer respectively. 

4.    Matters Arising from the Minutes
The need to change the account from OffSpring Morris to Kingston Morris required a new account to be formed at the Nationwide Building Society.  The names of the Trustees of the Account i.e. Signatories had been nominated as Colin and John/Glenis.

5.    Minutes of the SGMM/KM EGM  
No Matters arising from the EGM minutes.

6.    Reports and Accounts
Tthe reports had been sent out previously 
  • SGMM Squire’s Report – Colin Messer
  • KM Squire’s Report – Sue Benson
  • Bagman’s Report – Steve Nash
  • Foreman’s Report – Colin Messer
  • Treasurer’s Report – David Seager
The Treasurer expressed his appreciation to Steve for negotiating and securing fees and to those members who had helped with collecting donations, especially, Phil, who had frequently volunteered to take around the potty.  It was unanimously agreed that £575 would be given to each of the two nominated charities i.e. SPEAR and Kingston Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness.  The Treasurer proposed a target of £1000 for our charity donation next year and would come up with a suitable figure for a contingency fund.  It was also agreed that the annual subscription should stay the same as last year i.e. £30. 

7.    Election of Officers

 Officer Candidate Proposer Seconder
 SGMM Squire Colin Messer  to continue in post  
 KM Squire Sue Benson  to continue in post  
 SGMM Deputy Squire Ben Izard  Steve Nash  Gerry McCann 
 KM Deputy Squire  to be decided later   
 SGMM Bagman Steve Nash  to continue in post  
 KM Bagperson Glenis Ward  Sue Benson John  Curwood
 SGMM/KM Foreman Colin Messer  to continue in post 
 SGMM/KM Treasurer David Seager to continue in post 

All the decisions for Officers to continue in their posts were unanimously supported.  In addition the following agreed to continue in their roles:
  • SGMM/KM Recruitment and Publicity - Phil Mundy
  • SGMM Web editor - Colin Messer
  • KM Web editor - Lesley Ralph
8.    Practice Plan 
Colin noted that we had not danced out Lads a Buncham, Hunt the Squirrel, Dearest Dickie, Stepback, 29th May or the Headington Morris Off during the season. New dances to be taught during the winter would be two Lichfield  dances : Sheriff’s Ride and Jenny Lind  and Bledington William and Nancy, which would be introduced by Steve after Christmas with further teaching by Colin when Steve will be on holiday. Ring o’ Bells would be the introductory dance and  a party dance, maybe Wrysedale Greensleeves was suggested.  Colin also commented that the Baldric material, which had cost £300 had gone missing. 

9.    Events for 2013/14 
The core events i.e. 
  • Xmas Ale at Spring Grove, 
  • George and Dragon 23 April, 
  • May Day Dawn on Boxhill, 
  • Kingston May Merrie, 
  • Richmond and Twickenham Fairs, 
would continue and other events would be fitted in as invitations come in. The next event would be New Malden Farmer’s Market relocation. 

10.    Charity
It was unanimously agreed that we would donate to just one charity this year and that would be AGE UK. 

11.    AOB  
  • A KM/SGMM Fleece:  Colin volunteered to research the cost.  It was agreed that it should be the green of the new baldrics and have a full zip.  
  • Professional Printing of posters and/or flyers.  Phil volunteered to research the costs. 
  • Videos. It was suggested that it might be possible to set these up on Google for limited viewing.  The Foreman could select which dances to video and these could be a useful teaching tool. Music evenings It was suggested that we should research pubs which were happy to accommodate a regular music practice session to include both instrumental practice and singing.