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2012 AGM Minutes

35th Annual General Meeting
of the
Spring Grove Morris Men and
Kingston Morris

Monday 23nd September at 8:08pm 2012
The Church of St John the Evangelist,
Spring Grove, Kingston, KT1 2SU

In attendance were: Sue Benson, John Curwood, Ian Kirkpatrick, Colin Messer, Gerry McCann, Robert Muller, Laurie South, Sara Ward, Glenis Ward.

The meeting began at 20.08 chaired by KM Squire Sue Benson.
1. Apologies:
For absence Alastair Cox, Steve Nash, David Seager, Kathy Turner,

2. Items for consideration for AOB:
No items were offered

3. Minutes of the last SGMM AGM:
 Agreed without change. Signed by John Curwood, Deputy Spring Grove Squire.

4. Matters arising from the minutes:

5. Minutes of the last joint OSM AGM:
Agreed without change.

6. Matters arising from the minutes:
Additional signatories, Glenis and John.  Keith sent apologies.

7. Reports and Accounts:
Please see the emailed reports for full details, the highlights were as follows:
1. Squire's Report – Steve Nash – Highlights brought out by Sue
2. SGMM Bagman's Report – Colin Messer
3. KM Bagman's Report – Sue Benson
4. Foreman's Report – Colin Messer
5. Treasurer's Report – David Seager Defered to EGM

8.    Election of Officers

SGMM Squire: Colin Messer, Proposed: Gerry, Seconded: Ian
KM Squire: Sue Benson, Proposed: Steve, Seconded: Ian
SGMM Deputy Squire: John Curwood, Proposed: John, Seconded: Ian
KM Deputy Squire: Glenis Ward, Proposed: Sue, Seconded: Gerry
SGMM/KM Foreman: Colin Messer, proposed: Gerry, Seconded: John
SGMM /KM Bagman: Steve Nash, Proposed: Colin Messer, Seconded: Gerry McCann
KM Bagman: Glenis, Lesley, Laurie
SGMM/KM Treasurer: David Seager, Proposed: John, Seconded: Sara
SGMM/KM Recruitment & Pub: none
9. Motions
1. Children in Need.  Lesley: Steve has announced at events that all money collected goes to British Heart Foundation.
2. Website: decision's needed, e.g. KM and SGMM events on the log.  Questionnaire mid-oct, followed by disussion,  
3. Christmas cards: Sue to look into Christmas cards
4. Recruitment: Nov 15th lock-in.  Poster in pubs we've danced in.  Leisure Centres, adult education centres, libraries

10 Practice Plan for Season 2013
Excel dance plan maintained by Colin.

11. Events for 2013
Lock-in.  Need more careful consideration of pubs.

12. Charities for 2013
Spear – Kingston churches

17. AOB
Box files.

The Meeting ended at 10:05 and we left in good order for the Spring Grove Public House to share a quiet pint.

Colin Messer