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2008 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the 31st Annual General Meeting of the Spring Grove Morris Men and Off-Spring Morris 

Monday 6th October at 8:30pm 2008

The Church of St John the Evangelist

Spring Grove, Kingston


In attendance were:  Sue Benson, John Curwood, Keith Dunnett, Christine Fawcett, Jenny Holden, Ian Kirkpatrick, Gerry McCann, Colin Messer, Robert Muller, David Seager,  (and arriving fashionable late were) Alan Bull, Steve Nash, Glenis Ward, Kate Wood.


The meeting began at 20.39 and was chaired by the SGMM squire and acting OSM squire Robert Muller.


  1. Apologies:

1.    Hazel, who is busy with exams and hopes to join us again after Christmas.

2.    Theresa, who is now unfeasibly large and send her regards to everyone.

3.    Lindsey, who is without a babysitter, gives warm wishes to all. and would like musicians kit to be discussed.

4.    Martin, who is at Laurel Swift's Folk Workshop at Drayton Court learning a tune each session.


  1. Items for consideration for AOB.



  1. Previous AGM Minutes

A clarification of the Bagman's role and a corrected misspelling was made to the minutes of the 2007 AGM.  The minutes were then approved.


  1. Reports and Accounts

1.    Squire's Report

Robert will send an electronic copy around – vote of thanks for stepping into the breach was given.


2.    Bagman's Report

The acting Bagman briefly outlined the Bagman's duties, responding to emails, letters and telephone calls, organising events and collating the bookings sheet.


3.    Treasurer's Report

There was no treasurer's report, about which Steve voiced a word or two of regret.  Steve also expressed disappointment that no charity was selected to collect for last year.  Robert asked for team members to suggest a charity and he would select one on Monday 13th Oct at practice.


Colin noted that to be properly constituted the club should present a set of accounts each year, and it was suggested that the newly elected treasurer should produce these.  Christine volunteered, which was heartily welcomed. 


4.    Foreman's Report

Overall an improvement in quality and breadth of dance, well done!  There was a discussion about practice structure.  There will be a warm up at 8.30, less time given to individual technique and more towards improving the whole dance 


5.    Publicity Update

The Bagman's duties should include the program on the Spring Grove and Off-Spring.  Keith volunteered to host Spring Grove's website along with Off-Spring's website.


  1. Election of Officers

Squire for Spring Grove and Off-Spring: Robert Muller – proposed by Steve Nash and seconded Alan Bull.

Foreman: Colin Messer - proposed by Robert Muller and seconded by Sue Benson

Treasurer: Christine Fawcett – prop Steve / Sec David

Bagman: no single person was prepared to serve as Bagman.  Steve proposed splitting the role thus:

-         Colin – Paid events, e.g. Kingston May Merrie, Richmond Fair

-         David, Alan, Ian – Pubs tours. Others to nominate pubs tours as well.

-         Sue – Events involving other sides, both as inviter and invitee

-         Steve – Special events, e.g. Christmas dinner


  1. Practice Plan for Season 2009

Fewer new dances focus on improving the current set.


  1. Programme for Season 2009 – including the Christmas Dinner

1.    Box Hill – more leadership, we must contact sides and be there early

2.    Update Mon 22nd Dec for Christmas dance, any carol singers?


  1. Kit

1.    Musicians kit

2.    Dancers kit

Maintain kit, as temp for one more year, both musicians and dancers.  Views will be sought for consideration of new Off-Spring kit, probably baldrics.


  1. AOB

            Subsidising the SGMM's day of dance – from the bag, we will pay for food

            Non-dancing member – yes that will be great!

            Pig and other roles – volunteers are hard to find but welcome

            Renew off-spring domain – Keith to sort

            Morris Ring handkerchiefs – Colin to purchase, approx £5 a pair


The Meeting ended at 10:18 and we retired in good order to the Spring Grove Hotel.


Colin Messer