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2005 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the AGM of Off-Spring Morris and Spring Grove Morris Men held on Monday 10th October 2005

Present : Robin Aitken, Alan Bull, Sally Draycott, Christine Fawcett, Robert Muller, Stephen Nash
Apologies : Keith Dunnett, Ian Kirkpatrick, Gerry McCann, Colin Messer, Martin Milner, David Seager

The meeting opened at 9:15pm and was chaired by Robin Aitken.

Minutes of the AGM 18th October 2004 - were read and approved with the addition of the name of Maurice Speak in respect of the cancer charity donation to the North Hampshire Hospital Trust carcinoid cancer fund that has been made.
Activity Reports 2005 – were presented separately by Robin for both Off-Spring Morris and Spring Grove Morris Men. Off-Spring had danced out 10 times during the year and Spring Grove had danced out 4 times. Events had been well attended and only one event had been cancelled due to dancers / musicians being away on holiday. Key fund raisers were successful and only the Surbiton Festival in September was dropped from the programme as it was a less popular event.
It was noted that new dancers and musicians were progressing well and that the internet website / e-mail was proving to be useful for recruitment and for enquiries. Off-Spring had received 14 enquiries and Spring Grove had received 27 enquiries from various private individuals and companies to appear at a variety of events including 3 TV shows. Unfortunately many of the requests were received at very short notice and we do not have the strength of numbers to be able to respond quickly and positively.
Financial Reports 2005 – were presented separately by Robin for both Off-Spring Morris and Spring Grove Morris Men. The building society account balances were Off-Spring £514.36 and Spring Grove £315.00. A successful “Midsummer Morris” had raised £220 that had been paid (gross) to Pat Nash’s cancer charity. Robin noted that £16 had just been spent on updating the engraving the SGMM Staff of Office plaque which would be re-imbursed shortly. Overall both sides are in a healthy financial position. It was agreed to pay St John’s Church £150 donation from the Off-Spring funds.

Nomination of Officers – Steve pointed out that the position of Squire SGMM should be held only for a period of 2 years. Steve agreed to discuss with Ian Kirkpatrick the possibility that Ian might take over the role. Robin had been Squire for three years as a result of the transition period following the departures of Joyce & Eric Simpson. Robin had also taken over the role of Bagman with the departure of Roger Green. It was noted that with the small numbers involved, limited programme and the internet / e-mail links, the combined role is not too onerous. There were no other nominations / volunteers.

Any other business – there was some general discussion regarding practice sessions and additional instruction for specific tradition stepping. Christine was planning to attend the Windsor Morris Introductory Course evening classes from Wednesday 19th October for 4 weeks. She commented that she had found the EFDSS classes too formal.

Attendance by Off-Spring at a larger event with other sides or a Folk Festival next year would also be welcomed if this could be built into the Programme for 2006.

The Meeting closed at 10:15pm.