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1998 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the 1998 Annual General Meeting of the Spring Grove Morris Men October 12th 1998
1.    Apologies for Absence
Costas & Mary Manolias
2.    Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the AGM on September 8th 1997 were signed as a true record of that meeting.
3.    Bagman's Report
Stephen Nash felt that the year had been slightly disappointing due to the appalling weather experienced during the year and the anti-climax felt after the successful year before which included the anniversary day of dance.  The high spots of the year were the Exeter ring meeting and the Yateley day of dance.  Low spots were the lack of numbers for Ewell and Datchet.  Stephen asked that men co-operate better with the bagman in future, giving better notice and more positive warning of availability or otherwise.  Stephen asked the side for their support over the two years of this tenure as bagman.
4.    Squire's Report
Jim Illingworth supported the Bagman's summary of the year, and expressed his thanks to him and the other officers for all their work.  He welcomed the new members to the side - David Shaw and Peter Salmon.
5.    Treasurer's Report
Ian Kirkpatrick reported that the balance for the year was £471.21.  Income was £1395.57 including paid gig total of £580, and expenditure totalled £1590.17 which included £207 of charitable donations and £327 for equipment, which was mainly for the new baldric material.  The accounts were approved and signed by Ian and Alan Bull.
6.    Election of Officers
Squire - Robert Muller was proposed and he accepted.  Elected Unanimously.
Bagman - Andrew Bolton was proposed and he accepted - Elected Unanimously.
Foreman - In the absence of anyone wishing to take up this post, it was agreed that whoever was the most senior member of the side at each practice would act as foreman.
Treasurer - Ian Kirkpatrick was persuaded to stay on for another 2 years.  Unanimously accepted.
Stick Monitor - this was decided it would be done as a rota.  Alan would continue to acquire new sticks when he could.
Pig Monitor - Costas agreed to look after the Pig, but would not dance it.  The dancing of the Pig would be done by whoever was available at the time.
Recruitment Officer - David Shaw said he would give some time to recruitment
Publicity - Steve said he would act in this regard.
Grant Application
Stephen Nash said he would continue to handle this.  He would send in accounts and an estimate for an amp for the melodeon.  Gus would enquire at the music shop in Surbiton about an amp.  A proposal for a service for the melodeon was decided to be put off for a year.
7.    Summer Programme
The usual programme would be followed, with requests that we seek to invite Datchett and Ewell for an evening tour.  Also suggested we do Hocktide with Thames Valley in mid-April.  It was agreed to look into a big event, possibly a trip to Holland or Thaxted ring meeting.
8.    Costume/Sticks
The new baldrics had been sewn and each member should take material and make up.  Jim proposed all members should re-kit to be consistent, and also that all hats should be replaced.  It was agreed that as so few people had them, armbands would not be worn, and David Seager would possibly look into a dew design for them,  It was also proposed that bell ribbons should be replaced if necessary.
9.    Dances
Steve was glad that new dances had been picked up, especially Postman's knock and Bleddington dances.  If any particular dances are wanted, people should tell Jim.  A few dances were suggested to be relearned - Jenny Jones, Monks March.  It was suggested that a long evening organised to dance as many dances as possible.
10.    Any Other Business
The stick of office should be engraved and returned to Robert.