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1997 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the 1997 Annual General Meeting of the Spring Grove Morris Men - September 8th 1997
Apologies for absence
Dave Watmore
Paul Leyland
Costas Manolias
1.    Bagman's Report
Stephen Nash thought the year had been a great success and thanked the men for their support.  No event had been cancelled because of lack of numbers  He commented on the problems encountered with bad weather but this had been counter balanced by e enjoyable evenings with Datchet and Greensleeves.
The day of dance had been good, despite the weather.  The only disappointment had been the evening meal.
2.    Squire's Report
Jim Illingworth noted the earnings potential of the side.  The early season events and the grant had boosted funds considerably which made the day of dance less of a financial burden.
Jim commented on the bad weather, particularly at the Richmond Fayre where the side danced on the stage in pouring rain.  He thought the day of dance was brilliant and thanked Ian , Gus and Stephen for their support.  He also thought the spitting pig was a great success.
The Monday tours he thought were a little stale though the bad weather had reduces the potential audiences.  He also thought that costumes should be standardised.
3.    Treasurer's Report
Ian Kirkpatrick produced the attached audited set of accounts which showed a balance of £665.81.  The charity donations of £180 had been:-
Save the Children              £75
Shopmobility                     £30
Meningitis Society            £52
Macmillan Nurses               £12
Imperial Cancer Research    £11
The accounts were approved.
4.    Election of Officers
Jim agreed to stay on for a second year as squire.  Andrew Bolton was persuaded to shadow the bagman with a view to taking over in a years time.
5.    1998 Programme
The side discussed the 1998 Ring meeting venues and decided to apply for Exeter (July 24th-26th) as first choice and Thaxted (30th May) as second choice.  Further discussion took place on what other events should be undertaken and general agreement was reached on the following points:-
(a)    A cross channel trip should be made to tie in with festivals in France or Belgium in early June.
(b)    A roots tour to the Cotswolds should be considered as an alternative, perhaps with other sides.
(c)    Some practices should be held in the summer on Mondays and some evening tours moved to other nights of the week so Spring Grove can join up with other sides.
(d)    We should attend days of dance if invited.
6.    Recruitment
The side debated the most effective way of recruiting new members and various actions were agreed on:-
(a)    Stephen would ask Mike Chapman to put up posters in Kingston University.
(b)    Alan would approach the editors of Folk on 2
(c)    Andy and Andrew would work together to establish a web site for the side.
(d)    Graham would see if Teletext would take information on the side.
(e)    A5 poster would be put in libraries
(f)    Serious information sheets would be handed out during an end of season tour in Kingston
7.    Expenditure
The side was in the happy position of have money to spend.  The side will be applying for a further grant which will be better received if less funds are available.  The bag would consider funding the special events planned for 1998 and to the purchase of an amplifier.  Andy agreed to bring an amplifier for testing to a future practice.
8.    Kit
It was agreed that the kit was a mess.  There had been several failed attempts to replace the baldrics and ribbons because the correct colours were just not available.  It was agreed that hats must be in good condition and arm bands would not be worn.
9.    Pig
There was no concise agreement on whether the pig should practice or not.  It was established, however that the pig should only be allowed in a limited number of stick dances.  Jim will draw up a list.  It was agreed that the pig should still be available if Graham was not and it was suggested that David Seager should deputise for Graham.
10.    Dances for the winter
In the absence of the Foreman, four dances were identifies for the winter practices - Postman's Knock, Old Woman Tossed Up, Bean Setting (and other Headington dances) and the Bull.
11.    Any Other Business
It was thought appropriate to give the landlord and the landlady of the Royal Oak presents at Christmas.  Robert agreed to look into producing enamel badges and David into leather badges.
Stephen Nash
Bagman, Spring Grove Morris Men
September 19th 1997