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1996 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the 1996 Annual General Meeting of the Spring Grove Morris Men - October 7th 1996
Apologies for Absence
Jim Illingworth
Dave Watmore
1    Squires Report
Alan Bull reported that it had been a difficult year largely because of numbers of men available.  He thought that notice of some events had been too late and that the dancing was up to the normal Spring Grove standard.  He was pleased that the Bampton tradition had been developed and noted the emergence of Andy as very proficient dancer.
Thanks were given to Alan for his year in office as temporary Squire.
2    Treasurers Report
The funds were in a much healthier state for the year ending September 1996 with a balance of £530 compared to £270 in the previous year.
It was agreed to contribute a further £35 to Save the Children bringing the total donations up to £100.  Discussions took place over monies owed from previous events stretching back 4 years.  It was decided that Ian Kirkpatrick would determine exactly what was owed and provided the total was more that £30 would distribute individual accounts.
3    Bagman's Report
Graham reported that it has not been a good year.  On Only two occasions, not counting Monday night tours, had the side manages a full team.  The only events attended with other Morris sides where Winchester and Thames Valley.  He felt the Monday night pub tours were not exciting and that it might have been better to practice as well in the summer.
It was generally accepted by the men, after some discussion, that the success of failure of Monday night tours was dependent on the weather and the venue of the pub.  It was agreed that the greater care should be taken when choosing venues for the 1997 summer programme.
4    Foreman's Report
Stephen regretted the departure of Peter from the side but felt a degree of optimism following Andy's progress and the arrival of Andrew.  No particular strategy had been followed over the winter.
5    Election of Officers
The following officers were unanimously elected:-
Squire               Jim Illingworth
Bagman             Stephen Nash
Foreman            Paul Leyland
Sticks               Robert Muller
Publicity            Andrew
Handkerchiefs     Jim Illingworth
Equipment          Dave Seager
6    Venue
After discussion it was agreed that the Royal Oak would be kept as the venue for practices until the summer of 1997 where a further review would be undertaken.
7    Programme
The side will be celebrating 20 years of existence in 1997.  It was agreed that the programme of events would be centred on this and that the Bagman would consult all members of the side to seek a consensus of view of what the side should undertake.  A sub-committee of Jim, Gus and Stephen was formed to oversee the celebration.
8    Repertoire
Paul Leyland agreed to come up with a new programme for 1997.  Graham requested that 7 Saxons be brought back as it was unique to Spring Grove.  There was also support by Dave Seager for a dance from the Fieldtown tradition "The Bull" and for jigs to be learned by new members of the side.
9    Costumes
Dave Seager agreed to co-ordinate with Robert Muller, Gus an Alan over provision of materials for Baldrics rosettes, bell pads and arm-bands.
10    Recruitment
It was agreed that a leaflet drop should be made in the autumn in the New Malden area to try to pick up some new recruits and that dancing out in Kingston next summer would also be likely to attract new members to the side.
11    Any Other Business
It was agreed that the pig would be given specific training as and when to dance in an out of stick dances.
S.A. Nash
October 8th 1996