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1994 AGM Minutes

Spring Grove Morris Men   -  Kingston

Minutes of the 1994 AGM, 10th October

Present: D. Seager, E. Simpson, D Watmore, G Guscott, S. Nash, I Kirkpatrick, G. Bungay, A. Bull, P. Leyland, A. Evans, R. Mulller
Minutes of 1993 AGM
Read (marvelled at) and accepted (with some doubt about how they were compiled)
Matters Arising
Squire's Report
The Squire commenced by noting with some degree of surprise that the, now fourteen strong, team had managed (just) to maintain a programme throughout the summer, and had achieved the highest paid (for the team) single event, initiated two dancers as full members at Polesden Lacey and conducted a little heard (and even less bothered about) briefing for the local radio station on Mayday Morning.
He went on to indicate that for larger events there was necessary a higher degree of preparation in order to appear more professional, this (or the lack of preparation) being demonstrated admirable at the "Great Home Made Pickle Cock-up" in which lessons about Marshalling of guests sides were hard leaned.
With an eye for the future he made the suggestion that Monday evening practices may prove more useful with an earlier start, that with the total lack of response to the recruitment mail-shot a higher visibility in Kingston and its environs would be sensible.  David added that a suitable arrangements were in place fir the assistance of a seamstress for kit etc. and that a new dance was brewing (which may be called "The Bull") to the tune of "The Archers" theme.
Bagman's Report
As with the previous year, the report was delivered with some humour but very little content apart from some self indulgent remarks about memorable events such as having been chained (with very little protest) to a member of Mayflower, having manages to elevate two dancers higher that ever seen before (by Helicopter) and finally been present when the side attended, that much maligned institution, a "Piss-up in a Brewery" (Hog's Back).
Treasurer's Report
With brief comment about the presentation ans the small volume of printed matter to testify for a large amount of work, the treasurer highlighted the marked reductions in monies outstanding and pointed out the exceptional factors as follows:-
  • Repayments of Events - A high value to reflect the cost of attendance at organised meetings
  • Recruitment Expenses - A singularly ineffective action which bears no further comment
  • Write-off old coinage - Pesetas, Farthings, old Ten pence or White Fivers
  • Paid "Giggs" - Unlikely to be achieved again (and not a reference to a Footballers)
  • Church rental for Practice - increase already advised
Matters Arising
See Any other business below
Election of Officers
At the resignation of David Watmore, the present incumbent, Graham Bungay was pressed firmly and duly elected.
Stick Carrier
To release Graham for more exalted matters, Robert Muller volunteered to provide a roof for and ensure the wellbeing of the team's sticks.
The meeting generally agreed that the "Seven Saxons" should continue to feature and that th addition of some Bampton dances such as Highland Mary, Step & Fetch Her and Bobbing Around, would be welcome especially as they often feature as massed dances at Ring meetings.  further well received suggestions of the Upton Hankie Dance with Old Taylor and Bledington Trunkles added because of their pleasant music.
Consideration was given to the possibility of no musician being available at practices and it was decided to record  series of "Single Play" tapes of individual dances,     this requiring the collaboration of Gus, Jim, Robert and Andy
The major feel of the meeting was for a shift of emphasis from weekend events toward evening Pub Tours based upon the usual Monday night practice. and a positive intent to "Expose ourselves" far more in Kingston.  The traditional "Favourite"Tours of Yateley and Thames Valley Hocktide were endorsed.  Ring Meeting attendance or a more ambitions major weekend trip to Holland were discussed and referred to a sub committee comprising Eris Simpson, Jim Illingworth and Dave Watmore
Recruitment was raised as the highest priority for the team, with numerous suggestions aimed at publicity in both University and Kingston College, through the Arts Council or simply by each team member carrying the side's handout.
Once again a sub committee of Eric Simpson, Dave Watmore, Alan Bull and Paul Leyland were changes with the task,
Little was said about the kit except to say that the team should be consistent i.e. all should wear hats or none shall.
As the webbing supply for new baldrics was now exhausted proposals were made to contact past members such as J Lawrence of Alan Vaughan for the surrender of theirs.
Any Other Business
Mention was made about the traditional part payment of petrol expenses for distant events when providing transport for others.  Confirmed to be supported by the bag but in future at the discretion of the treasurer.
Subscriptions were voted upon and reintroduced at a rate of £12 in order to assist with the increased hall rental.
Meeting closed (in time for Last Orders)