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1993 AGM Minutes

Spring Grove Morris Men   -  Kingston
Minutes if the 1993 AGM, 15th October
Present: D. Seager, E. Simpson, A. Vaughan Jn, D Watmore, G Guscott, S. Nash, I Kirkpatrick, G. Bungay, A. Bull, A. Evans, R. Mulller
Minutes of 1992 AGM
Read and accepted (grudgingly)
Matters Arising
Squire's Report
The Squire opened by recalling, what was for him the most significant event of the year, that being the resignation of Alan Vaughan, both as Squire and as team member, a sad day which pressed the need for an Extraordinary General Meeting.  This meeting in early December 1992, reaffirmed the objectives of the side and elected himself as caretaker Squire.  He made mention of the resignations of Colin Sawyer and John Lawrence and the resultant shortage of men which in turn forced the cancellation of several events, the most notable of which was Yateley's Day of Dance.  He went on to comment upon the pressure of calling dances, having no great previous experience other that concentration on the dance itself and added that consideration should be given to the training of more team members to be proficient at calling dances.
With mention made of poor or variable dance standard and the suggestion to resurrect the "Black Stick.Black Spot" dance idea previously effectively used by Jim when Squire, he went on to thank everyone for their support throughout a particularly fraught period and expressed special thanks to the musicians, the essential need for whom was illustrated by being forced to dance to taped music at Molesey the week earlier.
Bagman's Report
This section of the tape suffered from poor transcription quality but as the speech was full of waffle and nobody pays attention to the bagman it is probably not worth reporting anyway.
Treasurer's Report
The treasurer presented the annual accounts indicating that the balance was in surplus and pointing out specific donations an payments for Ring Archives etc, also pointing out tour receipts and a significant reduction in tour expenditure.
Matters Arising
Steve Nash commented upon outstanding amounts of subscription feeling that each should be expected to stand their corner if a contribution value is agreed at an AGM.
Gus Guscott questioned the need for subscriptions, especially as the accounts show a surplus, this being answered by a demonstration that there are fixed costs such as Ring subscriptions, insurances and practice hall rental.  Robert Muller proposed as experimental suspension of subscriptions in light of the surplus this being accepted unanimously.
Election of Officers
Steve Nash highlighted that the system of three foremen had not functioned well during the year and that others should learn the art of teaching and leading dances, he accepted the role of First Foreman but would aim to develop others for the future.
Ian Kirkpatrick accepted the nomination from Steve Nash after enquiring briefly as to the extent of the duties.
David Seager was formally elected for the traditional two year period having admirably navigated the team through a very difficult patch during the preceding nine months.
The Squire recapped four objectives stated at the earlier EGM, these being:-
  • To dance Cotswold Morris for our own enjoyment and to entertain the public
  • To dance as well as we can without making this a crusade
  • Not to become a mixed side
  • To remain in the ring
The Foreman proposed that he coming year be used to consolidate the majority of the dances currently performed, but further to investigate no more than two new dances Suggestions were made to consider Flamborough as a tradition and the revival of Seven Saxons and Saturday Night On.
The meeting agreed to complete a questionnaire to establish the core dances and the most favoured new dances with a view to organise a sampler night before a final decision may be taken.
    April     Hocktide          Thames Valley
    May     May Merrie       Kingston
              New Forrest      Winchester
    June    Silver Jubilee     Cup Hill
    July     Ring Meeting / Special Event *
    Sep     Date of Dance    Yateley
* The possibility for a special event or attendance as the Diamond Jubilee Ring Celebrations was entrusted to a sub committee comprising of Eric Simpson, Alan Bull, Graham Bungay ans Robert Muller, this group agreeing to report their findings by the end of four weeks.
With the sorry state of the membership, universal concern was expressed at the inability to attract new members, so to counter this a sub committee of Steve Nash, Alan Bull, Dave Watmore and Jim Illingworth was appointed to seek a higher profile for the team.
Amid strong pressure to the contrary it as agreed that armbands would remain as part of the kit.
Suggestions that radical review of the side's uniform might give the team a boost and catch the eye of potential recruits prompted the set up of yet another sub committee comprising of Ian Kirkpatrick, Andi Evans and Robert Muller.  The first report from this groups being scheduled for the first week in December 1993.
Other Business
Alan Bull expressed his thanks and those of his family for the team's performance at the Bash in Molesey (we have put a brick through the Cassette player... that will slow it up).
Steve Nash thanked David Seager for the food he had kindly provided (what food?..when?)
Graham Bungay declared open house at his Centenary Barn Dance and invalid carriage rally,
    immediately before the meeting closed at 22:35 just in time for last orders.