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1992 AGM Minutes

Spring Grove Morris Men   -  Kingston
Minutes of the 1992 AGM, 4th October
Present: A. Vaughan Sn., A. Vaughan Jn., E, Simpson, G. Bungay, R. Muller, A. Bull, J. Lawrence, A. Evens, S. Nash, D. Seager, C. Sawyer, P. Leyland, D. Watmore, G. Guscott, R. Aitken.
Apologies for Absence: F. Carter
Minutes from the 1991 AGM
Read and accepted
Matters arising. None
Squire's Report
The squire thought that the year had been very patchy, notable events were Holland tour and Chipperfield weekend, but they suffered from a lack of people.  He would have liked to have seen more dancers out.  He thought that the dancing had been variable.  A lot of hard work put in by newer members of the side.  The Squire suggested that Andi receive his basic baldrics.  He was disappointed by the fact that on some some tours, particularly Holland, the side had to borrow musicians from another side, his thanks to them and for all those that had turned out regularly.
Bagman's Report
The Bagman agreed with the squire on good tours and added that the Bledington instructional was worth while and hoped it could be repeated.  He had been disappointed that he had to struggle to get music for some events.  The year generally had been successful if somewhat patchy.
Treasure's Report
The treasurer's written report was distributed for perusal.  He was disappointed by the lack of sponsorship for the year, and suggested that we must address this for the coming year.  The side made a small profit over the last year.  Stephen asked why the bagman's expenses were less than the previous year's?  The bagman replied by stating that he had not claimed for any phone calls this year as a token of generosity.
Matters arising from the Treasurer's report
Stephen asked, that as Robert had paid for the booking fro a friends wedding, that we should reimburse him half of the sum, as we did not expect side members to pay full price for our services, the side had enjoyed the day.  This was duly agreed to by the Treasurer.
The Treasurer was asked to display the record of charity payments in future reports.  This was also agreed.  It was suggested that then side chose a particular charity to collect for throughout the coming year.  The squire asked if the side were happy with the current rate of subscription.  There was no disagreement.
The whole area of side fees will be looked at more closely during the next season.  But we must be able to guarantee a side and music for each event.
Election of Officers
New Bagman
Dave Watmore was duly elected as the incoming bagman, as agreed at the 1991 AGM.  Stephen asked that during the 1992 season, pub tours be organised by individuals who would ensure that a side and music were available for the tours.  Thereby leaving the bagman to concentrate on major bookings.
The Squire, reported that during the past few weeks he had been contemplating an item on the agenda as "The Winding up of the Side", due to the lack of numbers of late at practise.  That week he was please to see there were 14 dancers and 2 musicians at practise.  He understands that all have other commitments, but asked that the side try to attend more regularly, some dances were practises last winter, but were not danced out due to either the musicians not being aware of the new dances of dancers not being able to perform them due to lack of attendance at practice.
He also asked that the side try to commit themselves as early as possible to any particular event, so that the bagman can confirm bookings, knowing that he has a good chance of a side plus music.
Colin asked if the Musicians can arrange between them to ensure that we have live music for each practice.
John Lawrence asked that we reintroduce the last 15 min of practice be a request from individuals.
The Squire indicated that, although he did not wish to hold a gun to anybody's head he was prepared to resign if there was a continuing lack of commitment, he did not want to leave, and knows that the side would quite easily continue without him, but if the commitment was not there during the coming winter / summer he would have to consider the options of where he wanted to dance.
Once again mentioned.  Arm bands in particular.
Colin proposed that we keep armbands, seconded by G. Bungay, vote carried (12 to 3).
Colin will undertake to supply those who have lost armbands although he was disappointed that nobody took up this offer last season.  John will supply the velcro for those that need it to ensure armbands stay fixed to shirts.
Handkerchiefs were again mentioned, please could the side not hang them in their belts etc, when doing stick dances.  the side were asked to look for appropriate sticks for the coming season.  Mainly Holly, Willow, Hazel, Ash, Yew.  33 inches long, 1" to 1.5" dia.  Stephen can get a supply of straw hats.  Gus then proposed that the side either dance with all members wearing hats or all not, at any particular event.  Not a mixture.  The Squire of the day would decide.  This as seconded by Eric.  Vote carried (unanimous). Andi asked that new members should be allowed to dance without either hats, baldrics or armbands until they get their baldrics presented.  This was agreed.
Black belts were confirmed as regular kit requirements
The squire asked that the side continue with the current traditions as agreed in the 1991 AGM.  there wee no objections to this, namely Bledington, Adderbury and Fieldtown plus the regular single dances we have been doing for the past few years.  Colin  ask that we invite Jeff Jerram, to give a second day of instruction for the Bledington tradition, aiming for early Feb. 1993.  Eric will make contact and pass details on to the new Bagman.
Events for 1993
No formal plans so far.  The side were asked by the squire if it wanted to arrange a day of dance?  If so what would be the format?
The consensus was yes, but later in the year.  Should it be:-
1) Men Only Morris gathering, with a formal feast.
2) Mixed dancing including Ladies sides, followed by a Barn dance and/or BBQ for the evening.  All family members welcome.
Five sides max, as SGMM not large enough to promote two tours.
Time late June / early July possible.
Sub committee to discuss the proposals and report a.s.a.o. Eric, Paul, Dave W, Graham,
Ring Meeting
Did the side want to apply to a ring meeting : yes
    Winchester, Sept.
    Chalice TBA.
Possible Boat Trip
Gus to get details of Thames tour early in season.
Sub committee, Gus, John, Dave S.
It was suggested by Stephen that for the 1993 programme, regular events like Ewell, Ellington, Thames Valley, Yateley etc, try to be arranged early so that other events can be arranged around those dates.  Eric agreed to pass on all details to allow the new bagman to apply early if we propose to go to these events.
Another of Stephen's suggestions..., if we are asked to do fetes etc, the side agrees to perform only if the organisers of the fete arrange for a couple of their male members to come along to practice for a couple of weeks prior to the event, possible to learn a dance to perform with us.  This may be a way of recruiting new members.
This will be discussed later for the bagman to add into any replies for bookings.
Andrew Vaughan asked if the side would like to attend a Ladies Night Meal, as part of his college course is to arrange a function.  Separate details were provided of menu and costs etc.  His initial date was Tue 3rd November 1992.  The date HAS to be on a Tuesday but alternative dates can be arranged.  There was general interest in this, but the date was a bit short notice.
Andrew agreed to find alternative dates and notify the side, possibly mid-January.
Any Budding Musician will be encouraged, this can be included in the last 15 mins of requests at practice.  If instruments require repair etc, hen the side can assist in costs.  Ask the treasurer.
Programme sponsorship...
    Do We want a Programme? Yes
    Do we want it Sponsored? Yes
Stephen said that he was prepared to co-ordinate sponsorship.  He would ask members to take on certain pubs and be responsible for collecting money from them.
The Treasurer said that in a letter for the Ring, a donation was asked for from all sides to support the Ring Archives.  Alan Bull suggested sending Colin!!!  The Treasurer suggested sending £25.  this was seconded by J. Lawrence and duly accepted by the side
It was agreed that we order some more of the current badges, but new designs should be tried.
Subs are now due please see the Treasurer.
Colin asked for a vote for thanks for the side officials for their work during the year.
Meeting closed 10:28 p.m.
Eric Simpson