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1983 AGM minutes

Minutes of AGM held on Monday 3 October 1983 at 8.05 p.m.
Present: Colin Sawyer, Luis Castillo, Chris Clarke, Steve Nash, Terry Letchford, Gus Guscott, Alan Mead, Keith Knight, Alan Vaughan, Robin Aitken, Paul Layland, Chris Brady, Peter Mason, John Lawrence
The meeting opened with the minutes of the 1982 meeting being issued, read and passed.
Treasurer's Report
The accounts were issued before the meeting and after a vote, were taken as read, and passed.
Election of Officers - Bagman
Terry Letchford was voted in as new Bagman for a two-year term of office, 1983/85.
Recruitment of New Members
Steve Nash suggested that he would put a note in a local paper, requesting men to join
Morris Ring Election
Alan Vaughan stated that all effort should be made to enter the Morris Ring in 1984.  Agreed unanimously.
Any Other Business
Alan Vaughan asked about the dancing at Box Hill at dawn.  Colin Sawyer said that it might be linked to the Kingston May Festival.
John Lawrence asked about dancing with a ladies Morris side.  No date was fixed.
Terry Letchford (Bagman) suggest a 20p fee to be paid at practices (Monday).   A vote was taken and passed.
Gus Guscott mentioned the German Trip and asked if there would be any monies to come from the Bag.  Colin Sawyer (Treasurer) stated that due to the bad condition of the Bag excessive amounts would not be available.  A suggestion was taken to use monies from funds, no amount mentioned by Bag.  Vote taken and carried.
Day of Dance - The 1984 Day of Dance was cancelled due to German trip.  Steve Nash said that all effort should be made to have one in 1985.  Date to be discussed next year.
Ladies Night Out - Steve Nash asked if there could be a night out with the ladies, perhaps at a local restaurant.  Terry Letchford (Bagman) stated that he would look into this and report back concerning cost.  Vote taken and carried.
Dress - Alan Vaughan said that the team in general should 'tidy up' their appearance and that hankies should be kept out of sight while not in use.
Extra Dancing Practice - Steve Nash said that there should be more time given to solo jigs.  Gus suggested perhaps an extra night's practice for the more advanced dancers with jigs included.  No answer given.  More talk at a later stage.
Alan Vaughan (Squire) stated that in his absence, Gus Guscott would be relief Squire.  Vote taken and carried.
Meeting closed at 10.15 p.m. with Alan having last word.  He said everyone should retire to the pub (Spring Grove) for a swift lubrication of the moving parts.
Terry Letchford
Bagman '83