Dance Repertoire

This list of dances forms the basic repertoire from which the The Spring Grove Morris Men select their programme for a stand, and the pdf at the bottom of this page is compilation of tune scores put together by Sue Benson. With so many years experience, old dances once familiar, make occasional re-appearances.  Expect the unexpected.
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Adderbury Blue Bells of Scotland Steps Long stick ABC   
Adderbury Constant Billy Steps Long stick ABC   
Adderbury Lads a Bunchum Steps Long stick ABC   
Adderbury Postman's Knock Steps Long stick ABC   
Adderbury Sweet Jenny Jones  Long stick    
Bampton Banbury Bill Steps Handkerchief Ban Bill abc   
Bampton Bonney Green Garters  Handkerchief Bonny abc   
Bampton Highland Mary Steps Handkerchief HiMary abc   
Bampton Jenny Lind  Handkerchief    
Bampton Over the Hills Steps Handkerchief    
Bampton Shepherds' Hey  Handkerchief Shep abc   
Bidford Abraham Brown Steps Handkerchief A Brown abc   
Bidford Lass of Richmond Hill Steps Handkerchief    
Bidford Princes Royal Steps Handkerchief    
Bidford Princes Royal Jig Steps Handkerchief    
Bidford Recruiting Sergeant Steps Short stick    
Bidford Shepherds' Hey Steps Short stick Bidford abc   
Bidford Young Collins Steps Short stick Bidford abc   
Bledington Cuckoo's Nest  Handkerchief    
Bledington Lumps of Plum Pudding Steps Handkerchief    
Bledington William and Nancy  Handkerchief    
Brackley Jockey to the Fair Steps Handkerchief Brackley abc   
Brackley Maid of the Mill Steps Handkerchief    
Bucknell Bonnets so Blue Jig  Handkerchief    
Fieldtown Balance the Straw Steps Long stick Bal Straw abc   
Fieldtown Banks of the Dee  Handkerchief    
Fieldtown Blue Eyed Stranger  Handkerchief    
Fieldtown Country Gardens  Long stick    
Fieldtown Dearest Dicky  Handkerchief    
Fieldtown Ladies Pleasure Jig Steps Handkerchief ABC   
Fieldtown Nutting Girl Jig  Handkerchief    
Fieldtown Signposts  Handkerchief    
Fieldtown Skirmish  Long stick    
Fieldtown Stepback  Handkerchief    
Fieldtown Valantine  Handkerchief    
Headington 29th May  Handkerchief    
Headington Constant Billy  Short stick x2    
Headington Hunt the Squirrel  Short stick    
Headington Morris-off Steps Handkerchief    
Headington Shepherds' Hey Jig  Hands    
Lichfield Jenny Lind Steps Long and short stick    
Lichfield Ring O'Bells  Long stick x2    
Lichfield Vandals of Hammerwich Steps Long stick Vandals abc Vandals mid Vandals png 
Longborough Swaggering Boney Steps Handkerchief    
Manx The White Boys Steps Sword    
Papa Stour Sword Dance  Sword    
Sherbourne Monck's March  Handkerchief    
Upton-upon-Severn Hanky Dance Steps Handkerchief    
Upton-upon-Severn Stick Dance  Long stick    
Showing 49 items
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