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The Manx Sword Dance aka The White Boys Dance

Philip Leighton Stowell (1897-1978)

A sword dance from the Isle of Man that is a hybrid of Morris, Sword and Manx dance styles.  Our version adapts well to 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 dancers.

5 dancers; walk on into a circle, omit Follow the Leader and begin with circling left and linking up.
6 dancers: the classic version
7 dancers: either as "5 dancers" or introduce The Doctor
8 dancers: the classic version with an extra pair
9 dancers: as "8 dancers" with The Doctor.

March on
Clash and Arches
Circle and link-up
Circle and Hilt&Point
Reverse and Circle
Reverse High Basket
Carry off the Doctor

<< End >>