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Stepping: Single step, a sharp, short kick with the free foot
Hankies: halved and held by two opposite corners, in the single step the hankies execute small circles at hip level.

OY: once to yourself
FA: fast apart
RU: rear-up
FU; foot-up
FD: foot down
IL: Into line
BB: back to back

Jockey To the Fair
SA: screw across
-Start right foot, pass opposite with the left foot,right foot, turn to face with the left foot
-four single steps in to meet, four capers,
-four single seps out to crossed place, rear-ups
CC: caper chorus, last four capers "Jockey to the Fair, Hoy!"


Maid of the Mill
MW: Mill wheel
Hands are held a chin level and quickly turned around each other (3 times a second) to create the mill wheel.  Finish the dance with 4 capers.
- 4 steps to advance to opposite, 2 steps in place, 2 capers to change place
- 4 steps to retreat to opposite corner and rear-ups