"Quintessentially English" [1]
Our name comes from the small Victorian suburb of Spring Grove in Kingston-upon-Thames, across the Hogsmill River and just south of Kingston Old Town where we practise.
  • Contacts:  Who to call if you want to join us or book us, and where we practice
  • Programme: What we are doing this year, where we will be and when
  • Log Book: Event reports for this year
  • Photo Album and Videos: Collected photographs and videos
  • History: Articles about the history of Spring Grove Morris Men, Morris around Kingston and Morris in general
  • Dance Repertoire: The dances in our current repertoire, and dances we are working on this year

Upcoming Events

We support Princess Alice Hospice which provides end of life care, and we will continue to support St John's Church.
Last year we supported 
All About Alie.  The Charities page has a list of previous years' good causes.

The Morris Ring
We are members of The Morris Ring, founded in 1934, an association of Morris, Sword and Mummers Sides, Clubs and Teams who keep our wonderful traditions alive.

To find a Morris side in your area try either the Morris Ring's "Find a side near you" handy Google map tool or try their "Find a side" to check the whole UK, Europe, Australia, America... 

[1] "The troop, called the Spring Grove Morris Men, looked so quintessentially English that I thought that they could be a nice addition to our wedding." Loulabelle's wedding blog.